We manage Monte Perdido Extrem circular in all posible ways. We can’t allow tan any group to stay without seeing one of the most beautiful places in Europe. All fans of trekking, trail, runner, cycling, duathlon, bike-tourism and car will love them.

In our desire to preserve a sustainable way of life, we have creasted a championship eco-efficiency driving bikes and cars.

We  will reward those who pollute less.

Tomás Serra Tomás Serra

Tomas Serra is the soul of these routes. He has born near the mountain and began to walk through it, it was and is his world: caving, climbing, mountaineering, trekking, adventure travel… every step, every pedal stroke, every stroke of gas riding his vehicles, were always focused on seeking new horizonts in this environment he loved until, one day his gaze restless and observer was caught by the beauty of those territories and it is the season why he created these itineraies for show us the beauty that captivated him, each in its own way.

Today, surrounded by a large team of mountain enthusiasts and adventure (Carles Piquer, Pedro Flores, Borja Real…), its purpouses are being achieved.

We hope you enjoy these tours as he did, as he still does and always with a great respect for the environment.

Pedro Flores peter
Pedro Flores is known in the biker environment as Peter, a passionate about motorcycling and adventurous traveler and always with a bit of sportiness that makes more intense the travels. He has more than 30 years and 700,000 km of tourer history riding a lot of different vehicles which he has attended more than three hundred bikes concentrations. This gives him an enormous experience in everything related to the Travel World and concentrations that now he puts it at our disposal. Their vehicles such as his current Kawasaki with almost 300,000 km in his gut and with an unopened engine shows its efficiency in driving.

Carles Piquer


Carles is a rising star in the world of trail runner. Anybody who run out of places in the Tours Refuges will can sleep in the tents. While he is collaborating with us, he is prepared for future competitions, this is a healthy life, a good advise from a good counselor.

Borja Real

Borja Real

Borja is our mountain guide par excellence and is accustomed to the high peaks of Himalayas. The summer is his favourite season when he has to guide o group of people or somebody needs support experience to overcome complicated steps where snow still lingers. In his sport and business CV has countless challenges thanks to his youth and surely it will increase. To go with him as a mountain guide is a reward to our senses and when you finished your mountain tour, you shall know more.

Jose G. is a passionate about two wheel sports and mountain racing. From an early age it was already up to any two wheel vehicle (with or without engine), but after years driving motor-bikes, changed the engine by pedals. He took part for more than 7 years in different races and winning a few of them.

Nowadays in addition to collaborate in some of ours ‘ultras‘ he is the creator and administrator of the databases of each web-page  and also the community manager in The United Kingdom.