The Tour Auto Lost , has at the end 407 km through valleys, glaciars cirques, canyons, lakes and waterfalls, many of them considered World Heritage Site, the most beautiful spots in the Pyrenees.

Therefore with the aim of waiting to preserve the maximum ecosystem through  the Tour is, we have created a championship driving eco-efficiency.

¡Less toxic emissions , we conserve nature more!

In this championship, you can participate with any homologate car.  ¿Why do not do it?, that is not only ecological, it is also fun.

This is not just a championship driving, ¡It is a driving efficiency!

Participate in the championship driving eco-efficiency will not generate any increase in the Price, and you can Access to win i any of these categories:

  • Farthest driver
  • Farthest electric car.
  • Farthest club-car.
  • Older vehicle.
  • Winner of  most point in the “emissions participations”

The eco-efficient championship will have the follogwing categories: 

  • Electric vehicles( if you don´t have any we can advise you about one)
  • Combustion vehicles


Each participant (Eco or no Eco)may make the Tour in :


  • Non-Stop: A day with mínimum and máximum time.
  • Stages: until 3 days.

The organization will give you a Road Card that you will must to stamp  for verifying it. When you will return to the starting point in Bielsa we will give you a commemorative shirt and pin.

Skill tests are only on food because these places you only can done that  and need not to be a specialist for it.

¡¡This is one of the most beautiful routes of Europe that you get done!!

Season Lost Auto Tours runs from the 1st  June to 31 th  October.  We cannot do anything else because of the meteorology of the place.

Cascada de Gavarnie

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