Legend has itthet in Middle Ages, (year 778) during the Muslim dominationin Iberian Peninsula, Roldán, a paladin of emperator Carlomagno, having been defeatedi n Roncesvalles and running awayfrom his pursuers, before reaching the north face Pyrenees, stood at the food of an impassable wall 100m. high and feeling cornered, to prevent than his sword Durandarte, so famous as the  ‘Tizona’ from ‘El Cid’ or ‘Excalibur’ from ‘King Arthur, fell into enemy hands,  threw rock strongly causing with this act a gap. Thanks to this bravery, Roldán could see France before dying.

Moved by that beautiful legend, a mountaineer arrived to ‘Pineta Valley’ with the idea approaching to the GAP and  contemplate the two sides the cut the famous sword made, but of course that is other history…

…The history  says that appeared in the ‘Pineta Valley’ a boy looking for information for going to ‘Roldan Gap’.  Before explaining what what paths had to take, they asked him where he was to sleep, he replied that at home. Amazed by her answer, they advised him that he was recording their passage through the different shelters travel to avoid greater evils and at the same time and once again achieved its goals ,he returns by Góriz, so more abrupt, some kilometer would save.

He took his ‘mortadela shandwich’, puts some powder in the water and y he went in search o fhis destinity. Much sooner than expected, he left in the  ‘Pineta Refuge’ till a paper with printed stamps about mountain shelters in its paths: Espuguettes, Sarradets and Góriz and went with the same secrety which appeared with.

Nowadays still it is known if the forces for doing  so action in a short time, he snatched to ‘Roldan Sword’,  to the powders he carried or only rided on his  ‘mortadela sandwich’…

So the  ‘TOUR MONTE PERDIDO’  became  in ‘EXTREM’ by linking the shelters of this route in a single day.

The time and needs of others had made this TOUR grows  in stages and travels, to such an extend, plus 7 differents disciplines: TREKKING, RUNNING, DUATLON, MOUNTAIN BIKE, RODAD CYCLING, MOTORCYCLE, AUTO.

All and everyone share the same aim, go arround the ‘Monte Perdido’  nearly to it,  always with respect to Nature.



Espada Roldan
Nuestro logotipo muestra ambas leyendas: La Espada de Roldán creando la Brecha y el montañero que asciende por la misma para completar el Tour MPE, con su bocadillo en la mochila