Monte Perdido Extrem is a circular route in the Aragonese Pyrenees, throught the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in the Pyrenees french. It take the tagline “Extrem” because in the beginning was made on foot and in one day.

Monte Perdido Extrem   nowadays has grown into modalities and tours, you can in any of these ways: Trekking, Running, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling, Duathlon, Motorcycle and Car. They all come from the Valley of Pineta. You can see them in Tours Menu. Inside every Tour you can access to all information about one of the most beautiful places in Europe.


  • Tours Trekking, we have 3 travel to choose: Tour MPE, 46 km and 4 stage. Tour Ordesa, 71 km and 5 stage and Luxe Tour, 117 km and 5 stage
  • Tour Running, we have the same that Trekking but Non-stop and the Luxe Tour will be 3 stage.
  • Tour Duathlon, we have a big travel of 400 km and a little one of only 3 stages.
  • Tour Mountain Bike , 270 km and 4 stages will be better.
  • Tours Road Cycling, Motorcycle and Car, they share the same itinerary of 400 km and a few of  typical “colls” of “Tour de France


  • We advise how to make a good use of the vehicle to reach the Pyrenees with the less environmmental impact.
  • We provide through our routes the use of local products.
  • We maximize in our Tours a healthy way of life.
  • We are pionners in creating a championship about eco-efficiency meanwhile we do tourism.
  • We offer to try e-vehicles in Tour Auto-Lost; the energy used is produced in the area.
  • Our promotion is mostly on the Internet and when we use paper, it comes recycling.
  • We offer to competitors the possibility to colaborate in positive actions for the environment.



Route Trekking, Monte Perdido Extrem

Route Trail Runner – Monte Perdido Extrem

Route Bike Perdido Extrem

Route Cycling Perdido

Route Duathlon Perdido

Motorcicle Perdido Extrem

Car Perdido Extrem