If you are regular ULTRAS, this Tour is perfect for you. Its recommended time are 21h. If you go down this time, you shall have proven that you are in a very good physical form.

Itinerary TOUR ORDESA: 72 km and 5.470 m . positive slope.

Remember that there is not the competition mode. The challenge is not against anyone. Perheaps against yourselves if you are not so prepared as you belived. However, if you have correctly done well chosen itinerary, your name and time will be placed in the  finisher.

For greater security in the mountain, it sets a máximum time of 18 h. to complete the route and no later tan 21h.  If you do not see trained to meet this challenge, we recommend you that your first participation should do the Tour MPE in 2 stages.

You need to be federat or have some type of insurance to cover the rescue in France. If you do not have it, you will to arrange such one with the organization. Comment in paragraph observations of the pre-booking. You can see that insurance in reserves section, cancellations section.

Monte Perdido Extrem, Central Reservations, Mountain huts Guards and their collaborators, will not responsable for any accident happen during the journay. You must take into account that you will walk by high mountains and unpredictable situations will be.

If you are making book in this Tour mode Non-Stop, is because your physical condition enables you to be more than 15h. doing efford, and have enough skills in mountains areas and in case of disastrous weather conditions you will be successfully overcome (so you will have to take the material that we indicate to you). However, you must abide by the recommendations of the Guardians of the shelters before leaving for the another shelter.

Circo de Góriz
Tour Ordesa: camino hacia Góriz


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