If you are physical fit and used to the mountain race way, you can be part of the history it is being writting about these majestic mountains. Linking Cirques from : Pineta, Estabue, Gavarnie, Góriz and Añisclo Canyon, and through shelters: Pineta, Espuguettes, Sarradets and Góriz in less than a day in the  ‘Tour MPE’ is not available to everyone.

¡Encourage to make this challenge. ¡You shall be the Pyrenees survivors!

The cumulative approximate up hill  + down hill , totaling 7,640 m in 46.2 km.

¡There is not the competition mode! The challenge is not against anyone. Perhaps against yourselves if you are not so prepared as you believedit. However, if you have chosen the successful itinerary, your name and time will be placed on the finisher list.

For a greater security in the mountain, it sets a máximum time of 17 h to complete the course and we advise not to finish the route no later than  21:00 h. If you think you are not trained to do this challenge, we advise you in your first participation should the ‘Tour MPE in 2 stages’.

You need to be federated or have any insurance type to cover in France. If you donnot have it, note it in pre-booking observations.  You can see that insurance in paragraph reservations, cancellations sections.

‘Monte Perdido Extrem’, Reservations Central, Guard mountain retreat and their collaborators, will not be responsable about any type of  accident happened during the route.  Remember that you will walk by high mountains and unpredictable situations could happen.

Ascendiendo hacia Sarradets
Ascendiendo hacia Sarradets

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